How to newsjack for great alternative energy blog posts

How to newsjack for great alternative energy blog posts

Blogging is hard work—trust us, we know. Many a business has been enticed by the shiny newness and endless possibility offered by a fresh, blank blog property only to quietly abandon it several months later, discouraged or distracted by yet another shiny content channel.

The rigors of keeping up with a consistent publishing schedule might be what’s led many alternative energy marketers to adopt a program of publishing the latest news about themselves and their industry on their company blogs. Industry news stories about tax incentives, regulatory changes and fluctuating energy prices make up the lion’s share of blog content for many renewable energy brands.

But publishing industry news items directly to your business’s blog could be a huge missed opportunity in content marketing. By doing this, you’re serving readers content that they could easily get elsewhere on any number of news sites, and you’re squandering a chance to add valuable context and build authority in your industry.

These news items should really be viewed as timely and relevant content ideas served up to alternative energy brands on a silver platter. Instead of simply re-posting the news on your company blog, try creating unique and useful blog posts about these trending topics—in a word, newsjacking.

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