How to use social listening to inform your buyer personas

How to use social listening to inform your buyer personas

What if you could be a fly on the wall in a customer’s weekly strategy meeting as she talks through objectives and roadblocks with her team? Or imagine tagging along to happy hour with a group of your prospects and hearing them vent about their pain points and the ways your competitor’s product falls short.

These types of insights would give you an intimate understanding of your market and empower you to speak their language. But instead of planning a covert operation inside your buyers’ walls, look to the social Web, where people are voluntarily and publicly sharing information that can help you get to know them and the problems they need to solve.

Basics of Buyer Personas

Getting to know your buyers is the first step in developing a successful marketing strategy. Marketers take research and buyer insights and distill them into buyer personas, complete with names and photos to make them feel real and relatable. Personas are amalgams of real buyers and the more detailed they are, the better. They can guide all marketing activities, messaging and content creation.

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