How to map alternative energy content to the buyer journey

How to map alternative energy content to the buyer journey

Renewable energy marketers have their work cut out for them. They need to educate investors and potential customers about who they are, what they do, the fast-changing industry dynamics they face and how their technology works before they can even begin a sales pitch.

For many renewable energy companies, the bulk of ongoing content publishing is centered on industry news updates, which makes sense, as a lot of the awareness of and demand for their products is tied to the latest government incentives or regulatory changes.

But while curated industry news is one great component of your energy company’s inbound content strategy, it shouldn’t stand alone. A diverse mix of content that meets people’s needs at each stage of the buyer journey can create more valuable interactions and build trust as prospects move toward a purchase.

Let’s explore how to map alternative energy content to each phase of the buyer journey—awareness, consideration and decision—and look at some real content from renewable energy companies for inspiration.

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